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These are the 25 best cities to find a job right now

Glassdoor released its top 25 cities for finding a job this year — and you won’t find Los Angeles or New York City on the list.

Instead, the Midwestern hubs of Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Kansas City topped the ranking this year.

“While several of the cities highlighted in this report might fly under the radar, many are experiencing booming local economies, complete with a healthy dose of new job prospects and strong home affordability,” Glassdoor economic research analyst Amanda Stansell said in a press release.

Glassdoor created the list by identifying each metro’s Glassdoor City Score (ranked out of 5), which represents three factors:

  1. The ratio of active job openings to population, representing how easy it is to get a job there
  2. The ratio of median annual base salary to median metro home value (taken from Zillow), indicating the area’s affordability
  3. The average job satisfaction of local employees, according to Glassdoor reviews, showing how happy employees in the city are

Glassdoor also provided the most in-demand jobs in each area. See if your city made the list:

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