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The best food storage container sets you can buy

Why you’ll love it: All the containers in the Equinox International Royal Storage Container Set occupy the exact same footprint, so fitting them into a drawer or on a shelf is easy.

There are a lot of food storage containers out there made with sturdy, clear plastic and with lids that form a secure, air-tight seal once in place. You probably have several of them in a kitchen cabinet or on a shelf right now, in fact. And if you’re like most people, they are probably all of different sizes, each use different tops that are lost half the time anyway, and are basically impossible to stack or line up in an orderly fashion. Does all that sound accurate?

Enter the five-piece Equinox International Royal Storage Container Set. In this set, you will find one container that’s tall enough for dry spaghetti, one medium-sized container perfect for crackers or cookies, two smaller ones that would serve well for sugar or storing leftover soup, and one little container good for berries, snacks on the go, or what have you.

All that’s good, but here’s what makes this system great: All of the containers are the exact same dimensions in width and depth, and all use the exact same lid. That means stacking or lining up these containers is mere child’s play, and it means that one lost lid still means four containers that are ready to roll.

Granted, even the tall, slender shape of the larger containers is a bit limiting for some foods (you probably wouldn’t use these to store leftover chicken wings or lasagna, for example), but the convenience of the matched sizing makes them perfect for most purposes.

With nearly 700 reviews posted on Amazon at the time of this writing, the Equinox International Royal Storage Container Set has a shining 4.7-star average rating. One satisfied buyer calls the containers “so easy to use” and ideal for getting “everything organized” in her pantry, while another speaks for many when she hails them as “truly air-tight.”

A reviewer from Epicurious said the “containers are liquid friendly” and also found them reliably air-tight. And in the interest of disclosure, we use these containers in my house and we love them. My firsthand experience is what I’m more than comfortable recommending them.

Pros: Interchangeable lids, easy to stack or align, reliably air-tight lids

Cons: Narrow shape not ideal for some foods

Buy the Equinox International Royal Storage Container Set on Amazon $36

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