At least one person has died in massive floods swallowing eastern Nebraska

nebraska flooding

  • At least one person is dead and two are missing after massive flooding in several Nebraska towns shut down roads and swallowed homes. 
  • Flooding originated from the Platte River in the eastern part of the state caused evacuations in more than 20 communities.
  • Crews are facing frigid temperatures and massive amounts of water as they work in boats and helicopters on rescue missions through the weekend.

Massive flooding from the Elkhorn and Platte rivers in eastern Nebraska has reportedly shut down roads and swallowed homes over the past week. 

At least one person has died and two others are missing after a levee along the Platte River was breached amidst continued serious flooding, according to the Lincoln Journal Star

Authorities reportedly evacuated more than 20 communities and residents were being rescued by crews in helicopters on Saturday for the third consecutive day. 

See what it looks like on the ground: 

More evacuations were issued Saturday after a Platte River levee ruptured in the eastern part of the state, near the Iowa border.

Evacuations began Thursday in several communities and continued into the weekend, totaling orders in 20 communities and 23 counties.

Source: Lincoln Journal Star

“This may be the most widespread flooding devastation we’ve had in our state in the last half-century,” Gov. Pete Ricketts said.

Source: Lincoln Journal Star

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Source: businessinsider

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