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All the Veronica and Archie relationship moments on ‘Riverdale’ so far

Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Archie go to Lodge Lodge, Veronica’s family lake house. Veronica and Archie go into a room and Veronica tells Archie that she is happy he trusted her and told her about his kiss with Betty. They proceed to hook up.

Later that night, the couples go in Veronica’s hot tub. Veronica proposes that she kiss Jughead to even the field, and they do, as Archie and Betty watch. Archie is upset by it.

Veronica later catches Archie meeting with Andre, her dad’s employee, and gets mad. She and Betty go into town so Veronica can have space. That night, four intruders break in. Veronica manages to trigger a silent alarm and the men run. Archie chases them, and he catches one, but Andre appears and tells Archie to go back to the house. As Archie runs back, he hears a gunshot.

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